Things to Consider When Choosing an Ad Server

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Things to Consider When Choosing an Ad Server

One of the best ways of generating revenue when you have a website or a blog is managing ads from your advertisers from different ad networks. There are plenty of servers available online that offer ad revenue, but since there are too many of them, it can be difficult to choose the best for you. A good ad server will be able to help you with generating more revenue as compared to the other servers. Here are the tips to help you pick the right ad server for you web page.

Identify your needs

There are thousands of types of ads that the servers offer, and they are based on short term and long term advertising. You cannot keep switching the ad servers as it is complex in terms of the features that an ad server can offer under a budget.  An ad server that matches your website will be able to help you in more advertising and ultimately generating more revenue. While checking an ad server, make sure that you suffice with all the features that you need for your website. Keep your priority items first and then check out the additional benefits that you can get. Also, consider your own strengths and limitations such as technical expertise, human resource, and budget.


Size of the advertiser

The bigger size of the advertizers on the server will give you more options to host on your page than the one with only a few advertisers. A bigger inventory will give you more options to find the right ads for the type of your website. Better target ads will provide better user engagement and higher revenues.

Quality of ads in the network

Irrespective of what advertisements are provided by your network, the users who see ads on your website will only believe that you endorse all ads. Which is true to some levels as you have the choice of picking the quality of your ads. Publishers forget to take care of the quality of the ads as long as they are getting paid, which can be devastating for their brand reputation. Low-quality ads are bad advertising, and even though they can provide better revenue, the chances of users clicking on the ad will be less.

Check the ad formats

The format of ad is also an important thing to consider as it can impact the performance of the ad. One type of ad cannot fit all the blogs and website. There are multiple ad formats such as IAB display units, rising start display units, text ads, rich media ads, pop-ups, search box, tag cloud, video rolls, and more customer options. If you have the knowledge about these ads, you can have a better go at the ad servers as you can pick the one with the formats that you want.

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