Q4 2010 Mobile Video Ad Report

Over 200 brands ran campaigns in 2010

Rhythm releases metrics every quarter to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your mobile video ad campaigns and to learn best practices. The report for Q4 2010 covers over 535 million average monthly content views in the US only across iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.

Key findings for Q4 2010 include:

  • Mobile video ads go mainstream: Over 70 Fortune 500 brands ran campaigns on Rhythm’s network in Q4 alone. Over 200 Fortune 500 brands ran in 2010.
  • Apps dominate mobile web for premium video: Video views per unique user are moer than five times higher in apps than on the mobile web.
  • Mobile video retention rate superior to online video:Viewer retention rate after 60 seconds was 81% on Rhythm’s network vs. 55% online.
  • Ad completion rates exceed online and TV: Completion rates for interactive pre-roll video ads remain high at 88%, exceeding online video and TV.
  • iPad CTRs highest: iPad CTRs for pre-roll video ads are higher vs. iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.
  • Action words drive high CTRs: CTRs are 67% higher on display ads that include written actionable words like “Tap to video.”
  • Auto & Telecom top two categories: Other categories in order for Q4 were CPG, Travel, Entertainment, Retail, CE, Finance/Insurance, Govt/Edu, Beer/Spirits/Wine.