Animation creating software for business

Animation creating software for business

Animations have been around for quite a long time – from the traditional sketches to digital art created through software, making life much easier for animators. They may be fun and entertaining for viewers, but it takes a lot of hard work and persistence for an animator to create the perfect final outlook.

With the boom in online marketing in the last decade, most businesses have already set up a website and are now starting to see the power of animations for video ads – be it social media ads or traditional TV advertisements. This creates a high demand for well-crafted animation software, and the recent pandemic is further proof of how much we rely on the digital world for business operations.

Listed here are some of the best animation software that businesses can use. You could always stick to the Youtube video manager but for more advanced options, we recommend the software below. Each tool is differentiated from others based on factors like pricing, user interface, optimization, and features. Business managers and animation experts can choose the right platform based on their needs. Small to medium-sized businesses require a budget-friendly software with various features, whereas larger businesses are willing to pay premium prices for access to advanced features. Most platforms offer different pricing plans suited for the different needs of businesses:


Vyond, previously known as GoAnimate, is a cloud-based platform for creating animated videos. It offers video infographics, whiteboard animation, 2D animation, and other features that are great for beginners to create high-quality animation videos.

Advantages: Multiple reviews have revealed that Vyond’s intuitive interface, along with its efficient customer support, creates ease of use. Plus, as compared to other platforms, Vyond offers over-the-top features such as automatic lip-sync, speech to text, and free sound effects. It’s Go Team collaborative video plan is also great for team projects.

Downsides: Users have reported two downsides of the software; first, that it could use a bit more creative features for customization, and secondly, the fact that it does not allow real pictures and videos to create animated videos. Some users have also reported minor bugs and lack of friendly customer support despite the company’s efforts.

Pricing: The first thing most animators look for are the pricing plans and whether the software offers a free trial. With Vyond, animators can avail a 14-day free trial, which allows them to test the features of the platform and create watermarked videos. This helps them gauge whether they want to purchase the software or not. Vyond offers three subscription plans: essential, premium, and professional. Essential is great for freelancers and startups that cannot afford to opt for advanced features. They can get access to the basic animation features and will have the Vyond logo imprinted on their videos. The premium plan is for small and medium-sized businesses that require higher video resolution. They also receive customer support via live chat. The professional plan is optimal for larger businesses that require access to the most advanced features. These members receive priority customer support. Apart from these plans, businesses can also opt for customized plans that are created based on the unique needs of each user and are priced accordingly.


Unlike other animation software, Animaker is a DIY tool making it popular not only among businesses but also for personal use. Its interface is extremely easy to use, where users simply have to use the drag and drop gestures to create animations.

Advantages: The biggest edge it has over competitors is that many of its features including infographic icons, 5 exports, SD video quality, props, characters, text prebuilts, and some sound effects and video tracks are completely free, so freelancers and businesses with a tight budget have a great option to go for. Animaker is also applauded for its quick and efficient customer service, which it offers via email and cheaper subscription plans as compared to competitors.

Downsides: Every good thing comes with a catch. While enjoying a lower price, users have complained that the platform tends to freeze often with a refresh required for normal functionality. This is a bigger problem than usual, considering Animaker has no autosave feature. Thus, businesses need to make a trade-off between lower cost and higher optimization.

Pricing: Apart from its free plan, Animaker offers three paid subscription plans. The personal plan costs $19 and, if subscribed annually, offers a discount of $7 monthly. It allows a longer video length of 5 minutes as compared to 2 minutes in the free plan. The branding logo is also removed, and users can enjoy premium templates along with access to more music tracks and sound effects. The second plan, Startup, costs $35 a month and only $19/month if billed annually. It offers a maximum 15-minute video length with HD video quality and the same features upgraded. The last and most popular plan of Animaker is the business plan, which costs $59/month down to $39/month if billed annually. It offers access to all the features of the platform, including 100 exports, Full HD video quality, and all the sound effects, music tracks, props, and characters that the platform has to offer.

Krita Animation

Krita Animation, also known as Krita 3.0, is a fairly new player in the game, meaning it doesn’t have too many reviews so far. However, it has gained popularity in a short amount of time, making it one of the best animation tools out there. To be clear, this creative app isn’t entirely an animation application. It was officially launched as a paint app that was used by illustrators and graphic designers, so let’s look at what it has to offer.

Advantages: Critics have reported that the Krita 3.0 application has a capable and stable interface. If you’re already familiar with Krita, it should be extremely easy to get acquainted with Krita 3.0 as well. It offers a wide variety of animation features, including docking, onion skinning, CSV import and export, frame dropping, grids, shortcuts, and many more. Moreover, users have stated that the app works great on tablets, especially those with touch pens, as it responds well to pressure, speed, and angle. Since the original app was created for illustrations, users of Krita 3.0 can also enjoy the art tools to create texture in their animations.

Downsides: The platform does not provide advanced animation features that some businesses may require, for example, digital tweening and soundtrack integration.

Pricing: The best thing about Krita 3.0 is that it is currently free of cost. However, for those users that aren’t familiar with the software, they can download a paid CD with tutorials on how to use it. Since it is a European brand, the Krita 3.0 CD costs €14.95, which is approximately $16. Payment can be done through PayPal or debit/credit cards.

Adobe Animate

Adobe has been around for a long time and remains one of the most trusted brands in the industry – whether users are looking for photo editing software, illustration software, or in this case, animation software. Adobe Animate is a replacement of Adobe Flash, a software for multimedia content creation.

Advantages: The difference between Animate and Flash is that Animate offers a wider range of features and functions, for example, supporting the HTML5 canvas. Not only that, but Animate has an edge over competitors as well. It recently introduced the ‘Animate Camera’, a function that stimulates camera movement to give the animation a more realistic look. Another popular feature is its export format, which eliminates the need for any plug-ins to export animations. This ease in exporting data is perhaps because Animate is also offered as a cloud-based software rather than just a creative app. However, other competitors also offer this feature, but Adobe still wins the game due to its family of software. Its vector brush feature that was introduced in Adobe Illustrator is also available in Animate. It allows animators to use pressure on touch-sensitive devices to create strokes; thus, adding quality to the animation. Lastly, Animate also offers audio sync and integration with premium fonts, so its the perfect software to use for businesses who want to maximize the quality and outlook of their animations.

Downsides: The only downside to using Adobe is its complicated user interface. It is not the best software for beginners and is optimal for businesses that have the resources to hire skilled experts in the field.

Pricing: Like other animation software, Animate also offers a 7-day free trial. After that, there are no different levels of subscriptions – it charges a straight-up fee of $31.49 per month. While this may be a bit pricey for some, those who wish to avail it at a lower price can opt for the annual plan of $239.88/yr or the annual plan paid monthly for $20.99/month.

The biggest concern of businesses and users is whether animation software are safe to use or not. Fortunately, all the software listed in this guide are secure, posing no threat to the devices on which they are downloaded.

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