Are Video Ads Equally Immersive On Small And Large Devices?

Are Video Ads Equally Immersive On Small And Large Devices?

These days, people are enjoying video and video advertisements on a wide range of devices—from smartphones and tablets of all different sizes to laptops, desktops, and big screen televisions. Video ads have proven to be immersive on bigger screens, but what about on smaller mobile devices like tablets and smartphones? Are video ads equally immersive on a 4-inch smartphone or a 7-inch tablet as they are on a 52-inch plasma TV?

Videophiles, retail stores, and device manufacturers agree that the optimal viewing angle for watching video on any device is 30-degrees, an angle at which the device’s screen occupies the majority of the viewer’s field of vision. The table below shows the ideal viewing distance ranges (roughly correlating to a 30-degree viewing angle) for some popular devices of all sizes:

Every device, big or small, has an optimal video viewing distance, and although distances vary based on screen size, users can enjoy an immersive video ad experience on everything from an iPhone to an iPad to a 52-inch television by simply filling their field of vision with the device’s screen. When it comes to mobile video ads, the result is an immersive, engaging experience users can take anywhere and enjoy anytime.

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