Case Studies

BMW Mobile Video Companion Ad Campaign


Starting in September 2007, BMW launched a unique mobile advertising campaign for the new BMW 1 Series Coupé to increase brand awareness of the new model and to encourage users to sign up for a test drive, request a brochure, find their local dealership or get more information. BMW chose Rhythm NewMedia for the mobile portion of their campaign for the 1 Series Coupé because Rhythm could seamlessly integrate both brand and call-to-action advertising on mobile phones utilizing bespoke mobile video pre-rolls. Also, using demographic information provided by the user, Rhythm was also able to target BMW’s ads exclusively to adults ages 25-34 watching free mobile videos on 3 UK. These video ads were placed with Rhythm’s ad network using the media buying agency Zed Media.


  • Increase brand awareness for the new BMW 1 Series Coupé
  • Target only adults 25-34, who are hard to reach exclusively through other channels
  • Grow awareness of BMW to a new audience of consumers who have never bought a BMW due to budgetary constraints
  • Precisely target a new audience of potential BMW buyers without cluttering or distracting base customers with the new messaging
  • Position the car as a true performance model with Efficient Dynamics
  • Increase call to action for 25-34 adults to request additional information from BMW such as a test drive, a brochure, or information on how to find their local dealership


  • Use Rhythm’s unique brand and call to action mobile video companion ad product to offer more information to the consumer
  • Use Rhythm’s demographic information to add a targeted element to a broader campaign
  • Frequency manage ads to target audience
  • Measure customer interest through call to action graphical banner ad click throughs and Mobile WAP site traffic
  • Use mobile video ads to both demonstrate the style and movement of the car and also reach customers in a very personally manner
  • Provide consumers with the ability to watch a vast array of quality content ranging from, News, Sport, Entertainment and Movies on 3 UK due to ad funding