The Differences Between Sales and Advertising

Sales and Advertising

The Differences Between Sales and Advertising

Sales and advertising are a part of the marketing team, which is often looked at as two different departments. It is because although the functions of both the teams are meant to target the audience and generate revenue, their function is different ways. To understand how advertising and sales are different from each other, let us first take a look at their role in marketing.

Sales team basically handles the product and services by selling it in the market. But the term sales represent more than just selling the product and services. A sales team of any business work for closing deals with their clients and customers. Their efficiency in closing the sales determine the progress of a business. Sales is an effort to satisfy a customer while also helping the company to increase its revenue.

Advertising is also an approach to reach out to the audience but with the method of announcements. It uses promotional ideas to influence, communicate, and inform people about the products and services of a company. The goal of the advertisement team is to create marketing campaigns which attract new customers and reach a wider market through different marketing types.

There is some key difference between sales and advertising, which are mentioned below.



While the sales use different distribution channels to push the product into and market and to their customers, the advertisers work to increase the demand for their product in the market. If you buy a product through a retailer and get an offer to make up your mind, that is sales. But if you find an offer for a product on channels, newspapers, or TV, and then decide to buy it, it is the function of the advertising team.


The main objective of sales is closing the deal by the end of their pitch which amounts for their efficiency. Whereas, the objective of the advertiser is to create interest in the product among customers.


The reach of the sales team is limited to only a two-way communication with the use of phone calls, emails, and personal visits. The advertising team, however, is a one-way communication where the message is delivered to the customers through different means.


Sales teamwork every day to increase their sales until the deal is closed. Once the product reaches the desired destination, the sale is considered closed, and the sales team do not contact the customer after that. The advertising team, on the other hand, frequently work to maintain the brand image among the customers and convey their message as many times as they can.


The sales team van validate a financial transaction between the seller and the customer. The advertisement team does not hold any role of transactions for the customers.

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