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Rhythm allows you to access some of the best features which will enable you to record, edit and post a video which will directly reach your target audience without having to struggle.

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Rhythm allows you to build your campaign while keeping track and exploring your strategy to get the right results. Rhythm is one of the easiest ways to create a campaign and reach an audience which can also cover the location you desire.

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Rhythm accurately and precisely measures the impact of brand campaigns to make building mobile video advertising campaigns easier than ever before.

Specific Age

The age aspect will allow you to get your videos accessed by the people who fall under your target audience for better results.

Managing Frequency

We also can help you keep track of the frequency in which people click on your advertisements to bring a clear view of the subject.

Customized Views

You can also customise your ads depending on the things you want people to know and reach out to you for a better service.

Ad Funded Video

We also have some features which will allow you to shoot a video solely on the funds that your previous ads receive.

Interactive Video

An interactive video require you to have the call to action features; it will help bring the right access to the interactive videos.

Fully Responsive

A fully responsive app makes it much easier for you track as well as keep everything in check when it comes to an understanding the next step.

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  • Everybody is using a smart these days while spending at least 5 hours every day. This opens up new opportunities for the market for hosting ads on mobile platforms. The mobile platforms today offer various ads randing from google search ads to in-app ads. All types of ads today can be integrated into mobile platforms with the help of mobile ad network services. The mobile ad platform is a medium between publishers and advertisers which help both the parties equally. While the advertiser earns from generating more traffic, the publisher earns from the advertiser to host their ads. Here are some of the popular mobile advertising platforms.

    Google Ads and AdMob

    Google exclusively provides online advertising with Google Ads, which is available for both desktop and mobile. The network offers several ad-formats to choose from including banners, in-app, video ads, and pop-outs. The mobile services offer text, image, video, and true view ads. Google Ads shows up related products and services when a user searches for something which increases the chances of it being noticed. AdMobis among the most popular mobile advertising platform that works with Google AdSense to enable optimized revenue growth. You can integrate several high-performing ad formats into your app and even check the insights of how users are engaging with ads on your platform.

    Facebook & Instagram

    Facebook & Instagram Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social networking platforms on the internet right now. While Facebook is the most downloaded app of all time, Instagram is a mobile-first platform which makes them suitable for advertisers. You can run the same ad on Facebook and Instagram by only it from any of the apps. You will also get the live activity of your advertisements where you can monitor your reach, likes, budget, and lead generation. You can even customize your target audience with the help of audience tools.


    Unity is a robust advertising platform which is suitable for game development and can help the developers to monetize their player base. The set-up and integration of advertisement for games is easy. It allows the market to target the players who will likely be more interested in trying how new games. The platform supports various ad formats, including rewarded video, in-app purchases, and pop up ads. It promotes various reward program for gamers, which will offer more traffic in the ad and ultimately will generate more revenue.

    Twitter Ads

    Twitter Ads Twitter is a popular app to keep in touch with celebrities and famous figures from around the world. The twitter audience wants quick and latest information about the things in a brief format. It offers various features such as an auction which allows you to set your bid for the Twitter ads according to your budget and goals. You will pay only for the user actions that accomplish your goals. If brief advertising is what you are looking for, then this is the platform that can help you reach your audience the right way.

  • It is a fact that the businesses who have a content marketing strategy are more successful than the rest. Any new business can have troubles creating a marketing strategy for their own and hiring an expert content marketing manager can get pretty expensive for small business. Which is why many businesses choose to create their own strategies, but without the right direction, things can get twisted pretty quick and can confuse the entire team. To solve this problem, here are the stages of content marketing that a business need for better advertising.

    Set your goals

    Your marketing goals should include your target audience, the content you will be creating, and the benefit that you and your audience will get from your marketing. Setting the goals is the right place to start your marketing, and it will help in keeping your strategy on track.

    Establish KPIs

    Marketing Key performance indicators (KPIs) will help you know when you complete each milestone of your marketing campaign. This will include the plans that tell your revenue, sales, traffic, SEO, and different aspects of digital marketing.

    Find the right audience

    Based on your product or service, you need to find the right audience that will be interested in your brand. For this, you will have to collect the demographic data, get customer feedback for your product or service, and also create a buyer persona which helps you imagine your ideal customer and his needs.

    Asses your current state

    Content Marketing If you already have a blog of the channel for your content, you need to find out how much your content is helping you at present. You need to figure out whether the content is helping you meet your goals. Identify the success of your previous content to decide whether you want to keep it create completely new content.

    Search the best content channels

    Find out the platforms where your content is making better progress and which channels are not doing good to attract the right audience. The right strategy is to work more on what is working for you then to stress out on the things which are not.

    Decide on content types

    Have team discussions on the things that you need for your marketing plan. There are some common content types that every strategy uses, such as a personal blog. Your blog should be your core actionable and valuable article type.

    Use the resources

    Use your team to allocate resources according to the type of content that you are planning to create. It is important to make sure that all your organs of marketing teamwork according to your strategy.

    Create a content calendar

    Have fixed deadlines for each content to get complete and get published. Be prepared to monitor your marketing campaigns in every step to make sure everything is going right. Once you have the dates in check, you can start working on your content and start spreading it according to the calendar.

  • Animations have been around for quite a long time – from the traditional sketches to digital art created through software, making life much easier for animators. They may be fun and entertaining for viewers, but it takes a lot of hard work and persistence for...

  • These days, people are enjoying video and video advertisements on a wide range of devices—from smartphones and tablets of all different sizes to laptops, desktops, and big screen televisions. Video ads have proven to be immersive on bigger screens, but what about on smaller mobile devices like tablets and smartphones? Are video ads equally immersive on a 4-inch smartphone or a 7-inch tablet as they are on a 52-inch plasma TV? Videophiles, retail stores, and device manufacturers agree that the optimal viewing angle for watching video on any device is 30-degrees, an angle at which the device’s screen occupies the majority of the viewer’s field of vision. The table below shows the ideal viewing distance ranges (roughly correlating to a 30-degree viewing angle) for some popular devices of all sizes: Every device, big or small, has an optimal video viewing distance, and although distances vary based on screen size, users can enjoy an immersive video ad experience on everything from an iPhone to an iPad to a 52-inch television by simply filling their field of vision with the device’s screen. When it comes to mobile video ads, the result is an immersive, engaging experience users can take anywhere and enjoy anytime.

  • The debate about the impact of animations vs. real-life photos on business sales is still ongoing and has been studied thoroughly throughout the years. So the question arises, which is better? To be clear, there’s no black and white answer. The best thing to do...

  • When you search for a particular topic or subject, search engines provide you with a wide range of results. When you look into the option of images, you will get an idea about the ones that are put forward for commercial intent. This holds a crucial place for advertising since it is a unique way of making your brand known. Apart from consisting, it also manages to bring out a certain kind of appeal that brings things forward in a natural manner. But just by putting an image ahead will not fetch you results. Instead, it needs to be optimized in the right manner. Hence, to help you in on that, here are a few essential ways to optimize images for commercial intent searches.  

    1. High-Quality Images

    Thanks to the aspect of receiving numerous images, you need to make sure that yours stands out from the crowd. For this purpose, you should add in the element of quality and upgrade your image. An image with high-quality tends to receive more clicks than the rest since it brings out a certain sense of appeal. But apart from maintaining quality, you also need to provide information since that is what individuals are here for. Image

    2. Image File Sizes

    Optimization of size for these images is an important feature that many fail to perform. By not doing so, you tend to rely on low demand and individuals would prefer for the next option. When your image is optimized, it also processes faster, and people can get to access the same. Fast solutions tend to bring out various kinds of benefits, and you will be able to reach the target of your choice.  

    3. Placement

    The placement of an image also plays a crucial role, and it needs to be followed. Images that are not placed appropriately will bear no fruit since it stands to be obvious methods of placements. Thus placing them at the right places will help bring out relevancy and help to support your claim.  

    4. Captions

    Just like size optimization, people also fail to add captions. They tend to do so by citing various reasons with the most common one being that the image is self-explanatory. But captioning your image will roll out conversations, and people tend to remember the same. It stands to be an aspect worth remembering, and it is up to ensure the same.

    5. Names

    People who have downloaded images from Google will get to know the kind of file names that it brings forward. This is another minute aspect that goes hidden. So to avoid the same, you need to be more consistent with your names and make it understandable to a large extent.  

  • If you’re a new content curator, it is absolutely crucial to get a know-how of tools like the YouTube video manager. It’s challenging enough to go from creating content to getting enough reach on your videos – so tools like the video manager make the...

  • In the world of online gambling, marketing and advertising are essential to a business’s success. If you want to drive traffic, you have to give customers a reason to come to your website. The best way to do that is with effective marketing and advertising....

  • You may be wondering — If marketing is all about using tools to stand out among your competitors, why would you want to follow trends? Or if your marketing strategy has worked well enough so far, why should you change it? Successful marketing means staying...

  • Sales and advertising are a part of the marketing team, which is often looked at as two different departments. It is because although the functions of both the teams are meant to target the audience and generate revenue, their function is different ways. To understand how advertising and sales are different from each other, let us first take a look at their role in marketing. Sales team basically handles the product and services by selling it in the market. But the term sales represent more than just selling the product and services. A sales team of any business work for closing deals with their clients and customers. Their efficiency in closing the sales determine the progress of a business. Sales is an effort to satisfy a customer while also helping the company to increase its revenue. Advertising is also an approach to reach out to the audience but with the method of announcements. It uses promotional ideas to influence, communicate, and inform people about the products and services of a company. The goal of the advertisement team is to create marketing campaigns which attract new customers and reach a wider market through different marketing types. There is some key difference between sales and advertising, which are mentioned below. Marketing


    While the sales use different distribution channels to push the product into and market and to their customers, the advertisers work to increase the demand for their product in the market. If you buy a product through a retailer and get an offer to make up your mind, that is sales. But if you find an offer for a product on channels, newspapers, or TV, and then decide to buy it, it is the function of the advertising team.


    The main objective of sales is closing the deal by the end of their pitch which amounts for their efficiency. Whereas, the objective of the advertiser is to create interest in the product among customers.


    The reach of the sales team is limited to only a two-way communication with the use of phone calls, emails, and personal visits. The advertising team, however, is a one-way communication where the message is delivered to the customers through different means.


    Sales teamwork every day to increase their sales until the deal is closed. Once the product reaches the desired destination, the sale is considered closed, and the sales team do not contact the customer after that. The advertising team, on the other hand, frequently work to maintain the brand image among the customers and convey their message as many times as they can.


    The sales team van validate a financial transaction between the seller and the customer. The advertisement team does not hold any role of transactions for the customers.

  • Advertisements have always been an integral part of doing business. This billion-dollar industry has grown beyond leaps and bounds, emerging into numerous platforms. One such platform that seems to be clicking is mobile-based advertisements. Since demand is quite high, things tend to take shape in the right manner. But if you want your organisation to be recognised in this sector, then your advertisement needs to be placed well. By taking into consideration numerous aspects like formats, you need to pick the right one that will help your brand. So to help you out, here are some of the most popular mobile advertising formats.  

    1. Dynamic V Static

    Once you go by categories, you will understand that there are two main formats, i.e. dynamic and static. Dynamic ads are billboards and various other banners that are placed throughout the game. In contrast, static ads are those that are implemented during the stages of development and include the option to get updated in real-time. If one has to choose the common one, then it has to be dynamic ads since you come across them throughout different games as you keep playing them. They tend to be flexible, easy to update and are known for their demographic targeting. Static, on the other hand, are less common and are built into the game. Interstitial Ads

    2. Interstitial Ads

    As player’s work their way through different levels of the game, they may or may not notice a certain break in the game. This particular gap holds prime importance for the arrival of Interstitial ads since experts believe that to be an effective way out. These advertisements manage to take natural pauses without interrupting the overall experience. Due to all that, advertisers tend to rely on this format since it can also be visually engaging. Moving further, they also offer a high rate of conversations since these advertisements tend to stick on to an individual’s memory.  

    3. Contextual Ads

    Contextual ads are also found commonly in games, but they are far from being natural. While they manage to fit into the game, they do not seem to be part of it. Thus, these formats might be less appealing than the rest. But that did not prevent Starbucks from opting for this format through Pokémon Go. Their version of the same brought about the right kind of noise, making Starbucks the ultimate subject of conversations.

    Ads as a Reward

    4. Ads as a Reward

    You may have come across games that provide some form of reward if you watch an advertisement or two. This unique feature has clicked well, and people tend to watch the same. The idea is quite simple, but the outcome manages to benefit an organisation to a great extent.  

  • One of the best ways of generating revenue when you have a website or a blog is managing ads from your advertisers from different ad networks. There are plenty of servers available online that offer ad revenue, but since there are too many of them, it can be difficult to choose the best for you. A good ad server will be able to help you with generating more revenue as compared to the other servers. Here are the tips to help you pick the right ad server for you web page.

    Identify your needs

    There are thousands of types of ads that the servers offer, and they are based on short term and long term advertising. You cannot keep switching the ad servers as it is complex in terms of the features that an ad server can offer under a budget.  An ad server that matches your website will be able to help you in more advertising and ultimately generating more revenue. While checking an ad server, make sure that you suffice with all the features that you need for your website. Keep your priority items first and then check out the additional benefits that you can get. Also, consider your own strengths and limitations such as technical expertise, human resource, and budget. VideoAds

    Size of the advertiser

    The bigger size of the advertizers on the server will give you more options to host on your page than the one with only a few advertisers. A bigger inventory will give you more options to find the right ads for the type of your website. Better target ads will provide better user engagement and higher revenues.

    Quality of ads in the network

    Irrespective of what advertisements are provided by your network, the users who see ads on your website will only believe that you endorse all ads. Which is true to some levels as you have the choice of picking the quality of your ads. Publishers forget to take care of the quality of the ads as long as they are getting paid, which can be devastating for their brand reputation. Low-quality ads are bad advertising, and even though they can provide better revenue, the chances of users clicking on the ad will be less.

    Check the ad formats

    The format of ad is also an important thing to consider as it can impact the performance of the ad. One type of ad cannot fit all the blogs and website. There are multiple ad formats such as IAB display units, rising start display units, text ads, rich media ads, pop-ups, search box, tag cloud, video rolls, and more customer options. If you have the knowledge about these ads, you can have a better go at the ad servers as you can pick the one with the formats that you want.

  • Video snacking is another term given to short videos that are put forward for advertising purposes. These videos, primarily found on YouTube, are aimed at spreading a sense of appeal towards a brand. People also tend to gain information about brands and their products through these videos as they appear in different intervals of time. But one can achieve these results, only if they bring forward videos in the right manner. Hence, to help you out, here's our ultimate guide to video snacking.  

    1. Storyline

      Publishing a video that follows a short story is an important way to get the message across. In this manner, people might follow the story and understand all that you're trying to say. When this storyline gets connected to your brand, things tend to get exciting and heads in the right direction. The ultimate solution for everything should be your brand and your brand alone. Thus, it depends upon your story and the ability to put it forward. Once things are aligned accordingly, you can expect your video to be better than the rest.  

    2. Engaging and Entertaining

      By all means, your video needs to be engaging because people are not watching it out of choice. They tend to appear every now and then, thus forcing individuals to watch the same. So when you put forward an engaging video, people will be glad about the fact that they viewed it. Along with it being engaging, you also need to add a bit of entertainment. It should manage to talk their minds away and keep in a different place altogether. This goes a long way in raising a sense of appeal and putting forward the idea/purpose of your advertisement. videos

    3. Creativity

      Creativity should be a part of video snacking, and one should never proceed without the same. When your video goes beyond the conventional methods and puts forward content in an innovative manner, you can be assured of gaining positive results. People will begin to acknowledge the video and also look behind the name that it brought it into existence. As far as a brand is concerned, this is a remarkable achievement that rolls up conversations.  

    4. Short and Effective

      If you're planning on rolling out a video that cannot be deemed as short, then you have to take a step back immediately. Videos snacking is all about giving people a 5-minute form of entertainment that leaves an impact. So videos that are beyond 5 minutes might not be effective since people might leave the sight. Thus, you should not test their patience. So make a video that tells a story in a matter of time and does not take a whole day for the same.

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