The Most Popular Mobile Ad Formats


The Most Popular Mobile Ad Formats

Advertisements have always been an integral part of doing business. This billion-dollar industry has grown beyond leaps and bounds, emerging into numerous platforms. One such platform that seems to be clicking is mobile-based advertisements. Since demand is quite high, things tend to take shape in the right manner. But if you want your organisation to be recognised in this sector, then your advertisement needs to be placed well. By taking into consideration numerous aspects like formats, you need to pick the right one that will help your brand. So to help you out, here are some of the most popular mobile advertising formats.


1. Dynamic V Static

Once you go by categories, you will understand that there are two main formats, i.e. dynamic and static. Dynamic ads are billboards and various other banners that are placed throughout the game. In contrast, static ads are those that are implemented during the stages of development and include the option to get updated in real-time. If one has to choose the common one, then it has to be dynamic ads since you come across them throughout different games as you keep playing them. They tend to be flexible, easy to update and are known for their demographic targeting. Static, on the other hand, are less common and are built into the game.

Interstitial Ads

2. Interstitial Ads

As player’s work their way through different levels of the game, they may or may not notice a certain break in the game. This particular gap holds prime importance for the arrival of Interstitial ads since experts believe that to be an effective way out. These advertisements manage to take natural pauses without interrupting the overall experience. Due to all that, advertisers tend to rely on this format since it can also be visually engaging. Moving further, they also offer a high rate of conversations since these advertisements tend to stick on to an individual’s memory.


3. Contextual Ads

Contextual ads are also found commonly in games, but they are far from being natural. While they manage to fit into the game, they do not seem to be part of it. Thus, these formats might be less appealing than the rest. But that did not prevent Starbucks from opting for this format through Pokémon Go. Their version of the same brought about the right kind of noise, making Starbucks the ultimate subject of conversations.

Ads as a Reward

4. Ads as a Reward

You may have come across games that provide some form of reward if you watch an advertisement or two. This unique feature has clicked well, and people tend to watch the same. The idea is quite simple, but the outcome manages to benefit an organisation to a great extent.


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